Add charm and beauty to your home with the addition of a Peter Law Mural. The artist will consult with you to determine a theme and colors suitable to your homes’ interior décor and your personal style. Artist Peter Law, whose work has been seen in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, has many murals ranging in subject matter; from the whimsical to the classical and everything in between.

The two examples below were painted in Arizona homes. Each brings a touch of Europe right into the living rooms, allowing these families to enjoy the feeling of being transported into another world, every time they sit down to eat or just relax in the evening or on weekends.

In each case colors were chosen to work well with existing furniture and the general interior design. In the first example, where a Tuscan scene adorns the home, real black wrought iron candle holders were added to the wall to highlight and compliment lamps and lanterns which are painted within the mural.

In each of the murals featured here, Peter Law has created a unique scene into which you could “walk” at any time as you dream yourself into a nostalgic past or a hope for the future.

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