About the Artist

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Introducing Peter Law

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Born and raised in Australia, widely-traveled throughout Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, and now living in the U.S., with his family, Peter Law seems at home wherever he travels in the world. As a boy he expressed himself through drawing and painting, and throughout his youth continued to nurture his artistic interests. Peter especially enjoys the works of French and Australian Impressionist painters as well as the great European masters.

Over the years, Peter has had the privilege of viewing many original works by famous painters, through his travels into Russia and other parts of Eastern and Central Europe, The British Isles, France, Holland and Italy. Peter has developed his own technique, depicted in The Romance of Europe series of paintings, created in the style of Urban Realism. His style is characterized by a richness of color and warmth that easily captivates the observer with a sense of longing or nostalgia. The artist hopes that the depth and detail of each scene will entice you to want to step-into your own world, designed specifically for you, to be lost in the romance and charm of it all.

There is also an element of mystery built into each painting, as you are drawn to wonder what lies beyond a bridge, on the other side of a disappearing walkway, or at the opposite end of a canal. Yet each painting contains more than what you see at first glance. Each has a spiritual meaning or lesson associated with that particular image – provided with each painting – for your further consideration and contemplation.

Peter’s observant artistic pursuits, melded with his concern for the world, has provided him a platform to serve the needs of the physically and spiritually poor in underprivileged lands – from Siberia to Asia, and from remote village communities to families living in city slums. A portion of all profits from the sale of Peter’s paintings goes towards this mission to help provide leadership training and practical assistance in third world countries.