About the Ministry

Introducing Peter Law

Born in Queensland, Australia and raised as the son of a minister, Peter Law worked as a teacher and pastor before moving with his wife and daughters to the U.S. in 1982, to continue theological studies.

While studying in the US, Peter served in an inner-city church, later working with the homeless & drug-addicted population. In 1985, he traveled to Eastern Europe to meet with Christians who were persecuted under Communism in Russia and various other former Soviet Union countries. This experience solidified his call to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people in Eastern Europe. Five years later, Challenge Ministries International was born out of a desire to challenge the Church in the West toward a deeper level of commitment to God and a practical demonstration of Christ’s compassion to a lost and dying world, by putting feet to compassion in an active, visible display of the Great Commission.

In 2005, Challenge Ministries International merged with Crossover Communications International, a church-planting movement committed to equipping the least reached to reach the unreached in remote areas of Eastern Europe (including Moldova and Siberia, Russia), the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia and Turkey.

Peter has continued to challenge churches and individual Christians with respect to their involvement in, and commitment to the expansion of God’s kingdom around the world.

Most recently, Peter has launched ENGAGE International, whose vision is to see churches established and strengthened in the second and third world. He is challenged by the opportunity to help raise-up a new generation of Christian leaders, who will minister both at home and across the global fields for the glory of God and the extension of His kingdom.

Dr. Law is author of “ABBA, My Father”, a book on the character of God as Father. He has also written numerous articles on missions and mission related subjects, including Evangelism and Church Planting: Implementing the Ministry Multiplication Cycle) [Lausanne World Pulse online magazine].

Peter is married to Margo. They have four daughters and fifteen grandchildren and live in Oregon, on the northwestern edge of The United States.